Risk Assessments

  • Workplace EMF Risk Assessments are required by EU Directive 2013/35/EU
  • Radiation exposure levels change depending on location and environment. Wireless Project’s detailed site-survey assessment, will record and identify levels of pulsed radiation e.g. what signal levels are from Inside / Outside the workplace?
  • Assessment Analysis identifies local and remote sources of pulsed microwave radiation, clients are provided with methods to reduce exposure levels.
  • Conduct General and Specific EMF Risk Assessments as required by Irish/EU legislation.
  • Wireless Monitoring Services
  • Wireless Network Design Services

Consultations and Site-Surveys is a simple process: 1. Enter your details in our contact form and Wireless Projects will look after the rest. Bookings start 27th September 2021.

Please note: on-site analysis can be conducted outside normal working hours.