About Us

WiFi Projects Ltd was founded in 2003. Our mission was simple. Deliver Fast, Affordable, Broadband Internet Access, with no download or upload limits. In those pre-smartphone days, many people didn’t know what Wi-Fi was, so the company traded as Wireless Projects.

In 2004, Wireless Projects became Ireland’s 1st Certified Wireless Network Provider.

We believed Wi-Fi posed no risk to human health. That belief was incorrect, as proven by 1998 ICNIRP Guidelines (Auditory effects), EU Recommendation 1999/519/EC (Auditory effects), 2004/40/EC (Auditory effects) and 2013/35/EU (Sensory effects).

Many workplaces, are wasting vast amount of wireless energy, wasting wireless spectrum, and in some cases, creating environments where workers and members of the general public are exposed to levels of pulsed microwave radiation that exceed legal ‘Auditory & Sensory effect’ levels. Wireless Projects has relaunched to assist all workplaces comply with their legal EMF Risk Management/Monitoring obligations.

We promote Legally Compliant Networks that Reduce Energy, Conserve Spectrum and Improve Operations.