All schools in Ireland/EU, are required to implement the same EMF Risk Assessments and EMF Staff Training as other businesses.

  • Conduct General Risk Assessments after installing Wi-Fi.
  • Inform / Educate staff, Risks from non-thermal radiation exposure.
  • Ensure radiation exposure is below sensory effect levels.
  • Ensure health surveillance and maintain health records.

Workers identified ‘at particular risk’ from non-ionising exposure:

  1. Pregnant women
  2. People with Pacemakers, Hearing Aids etc.
  3. People with passive implants
  4. People with body-worn medical devices

At particular risk groups are entitled to Specific Risk Assessments.

In 2011, Children were identified as ‘high-risk group’ from pulsed radiation exposure. Advice contained in Resolution 1815, Council of Europe.

When a school has Wi-Fi installed, Council of Europe advise adopting Precautionary and ALARA Principles. Turn On when using, Turn Off when not.

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